Wow! Can you believe all that is happening at Church at the Bay. I am so proud of our folks and their response this past Saturday. We had close to 100 people volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries on Saturday. It was very cool to be a part of serving people that are financially challenged. I loved watching Bill and his oldest daughter (Ciara) work in the prayer tent- praying with people who had big needs. In fact I saw many CATB parents bring their kids. If you want to teach your children compassion- don’t merely talk about it- practice it together. I have been out for the past two weekends – so it was good to be back. I wanted to wrap up our Path Series with a message of hope for all of us who often miss the Path and need a restart. Or as I said this weekend (1) Pause and Reflect on what God has done (2) Repent and Return to Plan A. If you missed this weekend you can go to our website and click the Media tab and watch it, listen to it or even download the message. At the end of the service I gave a BIG announcement. In fact- I mentioned I wish I could have seen into the future 6 months ago. Want to see the announcement?

In case you don’t know where Sickles High School is- Here is a map

Don’t see the video? Click here.