Our street turned into a party on Halloween. I usually cook hot dogs and give out chocolate (only the good stuff)- this year several cooked family favorites. The plan was to cook your heritage- mine in the American Hot Dog! The people down the street from Tennessee cooked opossum- and it had tire marks on it! The feasting along my road did cut into my world record for serving hot dogs- only 97 this year. It was a blast- my baby girl was in town and was in charge of chocolate and invite cards. Now for the good stuff at CATB:

  • Can you believe Blaine and Alexis (creative arts pastor and wife) have a third boy- Gatlin. Here are some links to pics: 1 2
  • Congrats guys- 3 boys- WOW!
  • Blaine snuck in an instrumental for “Sweet Child of Mine”- did you catch it?
  • Remember 3 D- Direction determines destination
  • Also- every relationship is moving and headed somewhere
  • I challenged everyone to read a Proverb a day for the month (corresponding to the date). If you are on track today’s Proverb is chapter 2. Two verses jumped out at me: (6) For the LORD grants wisdom! From his mouth come knowledge and understanding. (7) He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity.
  • Big news this weekend- beginning next week we go to one service at 10:30am. This room is over 2 times the size of our original space- so let’s party at 10:30am!
  • If you happen to serve in children’s ministry that weekend- we will have the full service available for you at www.catbkids.com. Because we will have the complete service there (music and everything) it will be password protected. Don will give you the password when you serve.
  • Frat House is back this week (for 3 weeks) and we will meet at the Alanta Bread Company across from Citrus Park Mall- check here for a map

Also- great football weekend at the Mayer house hold. Gators pummel the Dogs, Bulls win, USC loses and the STEELERS and BUCs didn’t lose.