This post is part 2 of 4 posts about how I am praying for me. If you have not read the first post you can scroll down or just click here.
The first prayer Groeschel recommends praying for yourself is, “God stretch me”. As I begin to pray this prayer, I am asking God for specific areas of stretching:

  • in my personal walk with Him (trusting Him in bigger ways)
  • in my leadership (I want to fully engage and push hard into the challenges- not merely retreat and focus elsewhere)
  • in my accountability relationships (men who I have given permission to ask the hard questions and not back off when I put up my guard)
  • in vision for Church at the Bay (I want God to give us a vision that we see no way of accomplishing without His intervention)
  • in my faith (I want to be more specific in my praying for God’s plan and purposes)
  • in my relationships with people far from God (I want to have more friends who are far from God)

I have often found this to be the case- when I pray for something on a regular basis I find myself looking for God’s direction daily in that specific area all day. This prayer has also caused me to push in and ask deeper questions. So, again today, I ask:

“God stretch me”!

(Tomorrow… “God __________ me”!)