God’s Will is something most of us are concerned about.  How many times have you asked or prayed for understanding?  Maybe you have prayed prayers like these;

  • God, where should I go to College?
  • Father, should I marry her? Him?
  • God, help me find the right job.
  • Father, should I change jobs?
  • Or, Lord what is your will right now?

We began this weekend talking about The Fundamental’s that we need in place- so when it is Game Time we can understand God’s Game Plan (His will or plan).  I firmly believe God gives us specific guidance and like any relationship, the better I know Him the better I can recognize His leading and guiding.

When my kids were younger it was amazing how well I could communicate with them without saying a word (my Dad had that school as well).  There might be a party at our house and the kids were getting out of line…  I could give them a look or raise an eyebrow and they knew exactly what I meant without me saying anything or even correcting them verbally.  I bet you have the same communication ability with people that you are very close with.  That is why we gave three fundamentals this weekend to help you develop your relationship with God so that you can begin to know what He wants you to do.

Do you remember the Fundamentals?

  • Begin a daily time with God.  I wrote an ebook that I would love to give you.  Please email freebook@halmayer.com and you will receive an auto-reply with your free book.
  • Get into a Growth Group.  (click here for a list)
  • Pray regularly- “God what do you want me to do?”

Let me encourage you to be there this weekend and BRING A FRIEND!