Our Plan B series has really challenged me.  It is so easy for me to rock along thinking, “My life is pretty good because I am honoring God and so God is blessing me”.  Then, it seems like I hit a difficult spot and suddenly I ask, “Why me God?”  Have you been there?  Most of us have.  Too often I try to measure God’s presence and blessing in my life based on what I perceive as His activity or lack thereof.  The problem with that type of thinking is my faith rests in my ability to see God’s hand.

The story of Joseph keeps smacking me in the head.  We read where “God was with Joseph” when he was a slave in Potiphar’s house, when he goes to prison for honoring God in his morals and when he ascends to leadership in Pharaoh’s administration.  I wonder if Joseph “felt” like God was with him or did he just know God was with him.  My situation has never been as dire as Joseph’s and yet I find my faith falters too often.  If I am honest, my faith is more wrapped up in what I want God to do in and through me instead of wrapped up in God alone.  Is that your experience?  I hope you will come this weekend as we conclude our Series—Plan B.  If you have missed any weeks- all 3 are in the widget below.


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