Happy 2012! I love New Year’s, fresh starts and challenge!  We are starting this New Year with a message series called- WHATEVER IT TAKES!  If there is one phrase that defines our culture at Church at the Bay- WHATEVER IT TAKES may be it!  We will do whatever it takes (short of sin) to reach people for Christ and help believer’s take their next step with Christ.  Our history has shown that we are a WHATEVER IT TAKES kinda church!  We have had challenges and your response has always been… you guessed it- WHATEVER IT TAKES!

  • When we launched CATB I asked for 50 more volunteers and you responded in droves with – WHATEVER IT TAKES!
  • We added a service and the retort was – WHATEVER IT TAKES!
  • We needed to sponsor a Haitian Orphanage and CATB said – WHATEVER IT TAKES!
  • We have moved from a cafetorium to a gym to a school to another school and Church at the Bay exclaimed – WHATEVER IT TAKES!
  • We have raised money for equipment, church plants and disaster relief and our church has said every time – WHATEVER IT TAKES!

I think you get my drift- Church at the Bay will do WHATEVER IT TAKES short of sin to help people “know” Jesus Christ.

We are going to shake things up a little this new year in the arena of Partnership.  We will redefine what it means to be a Partner at Church at the Bay.  We will re-work the way people make a commitment to Partnership.  We are going to challenge you to stretch and engage your heart, mind and bodies in ministry.

So if you need to miss- I recommend it not be during the month of January 2012 because… Well you will need to attend to understand that!

I look forward to seeing you Sunday and please bring a friend… I promise the message will challenge you!