It seemed like one of the first words out of my kid’s mouths. Sometimes it meant, “Please clarify so I can understand better”, and at other times it meant, “Please tell me your reasoning so I can see if I agree”. We all have used the word with friends, bosses and even God. What is that word? WHY. As a parent, you are tempted to with (after several whys), “Because I told you so”. Early on in my parenting journey (with the encouragement of a pastor friend), I determined the “why” for understanding was good… but the “why” to determine if I had good reasoning would get my emphatic response- “now”!
How did I tell the difference? One “why” was asked as the task was being done or just after it was finished. This was to help clarify the BIG picture. The other “why” was asked before the task was started and they really wanted to see if I had a good reason for my request. The first “why” was for understanding and did not represent rebellion. However, the second “why” was full of rebellion.
Authentic faith is always filled with quick obedience. Is it okay to ask God why when we are trying to gain insight or perspective? Absolutely. It’s the “why” of slothfulness or you trying to determine if God has a good idea that demonstrates rebellion or lack of faith. Most of us would never say that phrase out loud (I wonder if God has a good idea) but, inside our mind might be different – we may actually be questioning God’s motives and plan.  The truth is – God is not intimidated by either “why“.  I believe He can handle our doubts and whys.  The Biblical encouragement is always toward faith.
The principle, “Light received brings more light- Light rejected brings darkness”, can be experienced in the “why”. When you and I obey (and even ask “why”) or if we continue to trust God when things go south- we get more light!  If you are like me – I need light!
Let’s make sure we ask “why” at the right time and for the right reason.