I have been in ministry for over 3 decades – wow that is a long time!  I have heard and delivered hundreds of sermons and announcements.  I have discovered It can be more difficult to give an announcement (I would call them promotions) that is brief – than a sermon that is much longer.  The truth is effective sermons and effective promotions have the same flow:

  • WHY– what is the general problem or difficulty that we are addressing?  What is it that has challenged us?
  • HOW– This is how we can address this issue.
  • NOW– What next step can everyone take right now to get started?

Too often announcements merely deal with the How and maybe the Now but forget the Why.  The why is the hook!!  If I was promoting the launch of a new small group semester.  I might do it like this:

(Why) We live in a time when our families are separated geographically, people often move for employment and or have schedules that can lead living an unconnected life.  (How) Because we believe God does not want us to do life alone we have designed small groups with you in mind.  These groups meet every night of the week and many meet in the morning and during the day.  (Now) If you will look in your program and pull out the small groups introduction sheet you can sign up right now.  Choose a group that meets you time, day and topic desired.  Put the number of that group on your Connection Card and make sure we have a good email address for you.  You will get an invite this week with information so you can attend.  That is easy and painless- So right now everyone write the number of the group down that you would like to attend.  Here is the good news – this is a test drive – if your new group fits, you have found your group.  If it is not a fit – try another group.  We want to do Life Together.

By the way – this is a vital process to use when you prepare to give an offering.  An offering promo might sound like this:

(WhyAs we prepare to give, did you know that yesterday, in our monthly community service project known as Second Saturday, our church served over 300 under resourced people? Yesterday we were able to share the love of God with many people because you are such a generous church. Thank you for your generous response.  (How)  We give because we want to impact our community and world with the message of Hope that is found in Jesus Christ. As we give we have created several ways for you to participate and they are listed on the slide – By Check, Online Giving, Giving Kiosk in lobby and Text to Give.  (Now) Let’s give.