WinI have been an avid participant and fan of sports all of my life.  One advantage of playing a game is there is a clear win – you score more points or record a faster time than your opponent- YOU WIN!  Often there are many small wins that make up the BIG WIN.  A small win might be a good start or an intense finish- when the small wins come together we get the BIG WIN!

The BIG WIN for the local Church is people following Jesus Christ.  Churches often struggle with defining the small wins- especially in specific ministry areas. The challenge is taking whatever BIG WIN and translating it into smaller bite size wins for every area.

Let’s take a moment and translate that into a preschool environment. We need to be clear and focus people on a small win or wins in their environment. What would be some wins for a preschool teacher?

  • A clean safe environment prepared before the child arrives
  • Each child is greeted and cared for in a loving way
  • Maybe- a parent tells you that their child “loves to attend”
  • You may have others…

Take a moment with your team and define some wins and then make it a habit to celebrate the wins weekly.