I remember hearing about the Johari Window in college- do you?  If I am honest, I really did not understand it and only knew enough to answer test questions but not enough to apply it to gain perspective.  When I was doing corporate training, we were discussing the need to find an address the blind spots in out life- I was re-introduced to the Johari Window.  This window helped me understand not only the value of feedback but also the need for self disclosure – if I really wanted to address my personal blind spots.  I bet you have had the same experience that I have – someone assumes you are a certain type of person (often with a negative edge) because of body language or a way you say something.  But, the truth is- that is not who you really are and you need to adjust.  Feedback has helped me address and adjust many of these “hidden areas” in my life.  So I have attached a .pdf for you to revisit the Johari Window.  Just click on the Johari Window below for details on how to use this perspective tool.