During our Momentum series we have a daily devotion that you can get (for free) through a smart phone app, on the web or by email. So, I need you to come ready this Sunday by doing two things.  They are listed below- if you have a problem let me know.

If you have a Smart Phone Get our Church at the Bay App now:
  1. Go to your app store and get the Church at the Bay APP
  2. Once you have downloaded it- Click the “Free Bible” tab
  3. Download and sign up for a free YouVersion account
  4. Click “browse plans” (at the bottom)
  5. Keyword- “better”-
  6. Top selection- “The Better Reading Plan
  7. Tap start plan (you can choose from many versions of the Bible- I am using the NLT)
  8. There is a gear in bottom that you can choose your preferences
If you don’t have a smart phone or would also like to have availability to availability to use YouVersion on your computer:
  1. go to www.youversion.com
  2. Click “sign up” (its free)
  3. Point your mouse on bar on left and choose “Reading plans
  4. Keyword – “Better
  5. Select The Better Reading Plan
  6. Once you subscribe you can change your setting for- font size, email delivery, reminders, etc.

I love the opportunity to align a teaching series with weekly devotions- we will do it again.  I am praying many people take this BIG step.