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I have discovered in my life, work and leading full engagement matters.  Have you ever just “phoned it in”?  That happens for me when I am bored, tired or lack passion about my work.  How can we increase our engagement… Continue Reading →

A Healthy Communication Culture.

Communication style, tone and volume impacts the quality of every relationship you and I have.  The following video has helpful tools to enable you to develop and maintain a healthy communication in your: Family Marriage Children Workplace Neighborhood    

Hate Speech, Politics, Parenting and the Church

As a kid, my Mom and Dad instilled the behavior and value of honor.  My parents were not Christ followers but they understood honor.  It began with honoring my Mom; this was the only area where my Dad would become… Continue Reading →

WHY, How and Now

  I have been in ministry for over 3 decades – wow that is a long time!  I have heard and delivered hundreds of sermons and announcements.  I have discovered It can be more difficult to give an announcement (I would… Continue Reading →

Leadership – Earned or Given?

I was talking to a young pastor this week and he asked me a question, “What do you do when a church won’t follow your leadership?”  I had several thoughts. First I don’t believe real leadership can be “taken” it… Continue Reading →

Find Your “Cry Why”

The Purpose and Power of Why      (pt.2) A business professional was walking by a construction site and asked two bricklayers the question “What are you building?”  The first bricklayer said, “I don’t know but all that matters to… Continue Reading →

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